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Rotational Program

Rotational Program

The MTU AENA Rotational Program cycles newly graduated engineers in three of our five departments, with each rotation lasting for six months, maximizing exposure to the many facets of aerospace engineering. Departments that participate in the program include design engineering, project engineering & industrial management, and structural analysis. Depending on business needs,  engineers have the option of choosing the group they wish to return to at the end of their rotation. 

The program gives newly graduated engineers the opportunity to work within a variety of departments and experience the differences to help them better understand where they would like to begin their aerospace career. Possessing multiple skills sets also makes them valuable to the company in terms of flexibility, and provides more opportunities of employee growth.

If you are interested in applying, submit your resume to careers@remove-this.mtuusa.com

Rotation Program Engineer Job Description


Diane Cross
Human Resource Director
Phone: +1 860 258 9736