Aftermarket Engineering

Aftermarket Engineering

Along with its German parent company, MTU AENA is a leader in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Engineering (MROe) services. When partnering with MTU AENA, you can expect cost-effective engineering support with timely solutions. We offer the dependability and the flexibility to meet all requirements.

MTU’s cutting-edge technologies and innovations extend operating life and prolong the serviceability of components. MTU AENA’s industry experts provide invaluable know-how to keep parts in service longer, generating more revenue. Specializing in the fast identification of aftermarket solutions allows us to significantly reduce engine downtime.

Industry-leading expertise allows us to provide the coordination necessary to implement custom solutions to return parts to service, while the company’s onsite FAA support allows MTU AENA to efficiently meet regulatory needs.

Core Capabilities

MTU AENA’s core capabilities in aftermarket engineering include the following:

  • Custom aftermarket solutions
  • On-site regulatory approvals
  • Substantiation and analysis generation
  • Project management
  • Hardware review and disposition

Our MROe core competencies are rooted in extensive experience, spanning a full range of commercial, military and industrial applications. MTU AENA’s engineering team offers expert support and industry-leading quality focused on the individualized needs of the customer.


Eric Cosmini
Manager Aftermarket Engineering
Phone: +1 860 258 9757
Phone: +1 860 258 9757