About Us

History of MTU AENA

MTU Aero Engines North America (AENA) was founded in 2000 to function as the engineering integration team in support of all of our partnership programs with Pratt & Whitney. As a result, we hired and developed experienced engineers to make sound decisions for the development of new and innovative products.

That highly successful early experience allowed us to build a strong reputation for delivering high-quality engine hardware on time and to specifications. Since then, we have grown and diversified, using our experienced engineering resources to provide third-party engineering services to customers in the aerospace and industrial gas turbine industries. Our location is strategically located near key customers to enhance the overall efficiency of completing important tasks.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: Be the preferred source of engineering solutions for the gas turbine industry.

Mission: We understand our customers’ needs and expectations. We cultivate a highly skilled and motivated workforce focused on our customers’ success. We grow via our reputation of consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Purpose & Core Values

Purpose: MTU AENA serves as a profitable entity of the MTU Aero Engines corporate mission at local levels by supporting new product development.

People: We take pride in offering competitive benefits and adhere to a philosophy of work-life balance. We are a team of hard-working, action-oriented individuals committed to the highest work standards.

Culture: Our employees are empowered to excel within a flexible work environment that fosters career diversity, open communication, approachable management and a team-focused attitude.

Customers: MTU AENA engineers work with each customer's unique set of specifications and requirements. It's this customer-based focus that is integral to our success, as we continuously improve and innovate ways to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.

Opportunities: MTU AENA provides training and career development opportunities that position our employees for growth, allowing them to realize his or her full potential. Fueled by hard work and initiative, MTU AENA employees drive their own success in an environment that recognizes innovation and celebrates achievements.


Jonathan Leach
President & CEO