MTU AENA performs structural, thermal and secondary air system analyses using finite element analysis and proprietary analytical tools. To perform analyses, MTU AENA can execute a customer's standard work or use our own processes, delivering highly accurate results in the most efficient manner.

With best-in-class analysis solutions, MTU AENA helps ensure that safety, reliability and durability requirements are met, and that regulatory certification requirements are accurately submitted. MTU AENA specializes in complex structural analysis for a high safety-critical industry.

MTU AENA provides top-notch technology to the company’s customers, starting with conceptual, preliminary and detail design analysis through the full product life cycle, including post-certification support, such as analyses of repairs of engines in service. We develop and validate new tools and technologies.

Core Capabilities

MTU AENA’s core capabilities in analytics include the following analyses:

  • Static steady-state
  • Transient mission
  • Cyclic lifing (LCF, TMF, HCF)
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Modal and vibration
  • Burst and buckling
  • Nonlinear creep

The whole spectrum of engine components can be analyzed, such as:

  • Blades
  • Rotors
  • Casings
  • Frames
  • Bearing Compartments
  • Seals
  • Externals
  • Additive Manufactured Parts
  • Module Assemblies

These analyses are performed using tools such as ANSYS®, Abaqus®, Marc®, Patran®, HyperMesh®, NASGRO®, DARWIN®, and Calculix, among other commercial and proprietary tools. MTU AENA focuses on the metrics, schedule and budget with exceptional customer satisfaction and on-time delivery.


Michael Cipollone
Manager Analytics
Phone: +1 860 706-4432
Phone: +1 860 706-4432